Jori Lehtera Re-Signs With The Blues

Jori Lehtera, St. Louis Blues, Scott Rovak, NHLI, Getty Images

Jori Lehtera re-upped with the Blues after a solid offensive season. (Scott Rovak/NHLI via Getty Images)

More Free Agent Frenzy from The Hockey Writers, the St. Louis Blues re-signed Jori Lehtera after he put up a solid offensive season for the team in 2014-15. The extension doesn’t kick in until 2016-17, but it secures one of their up-and-comers for a few more seasons.

For all the details of this deal, check out the link below.  Read more of this post


Maple Leafs: Thieves of the 1986 NHL Draft

Vincent Damphousse, Toronto Maple Leafs, Denis Brodeur, NHLI, Getty Images

While he only played five seasons with the Leafs, he went on to have quite the NHL career. (Denis Brodeur/NHLI via Getty Images)

Ever travel back in time? Join me as we look at the 1986 NHL Entry Draft and arguably one of the highest picked steals in Toronto Maple Leafs history.

The Leafs had the number six pick in the draft and went with a guy that only played five seasons with the team. But it’s what he did throughout his career that made him a pick that would go down as one of the best in the 1986 draft.

So who is he? Who went before him? And what exactly makes him a steal and number six in the draft?  Read more of this post

Stone or Stripes: Who’s to Blame for Subban’s Early Exit?

P.K. Subban, Nazem Kadri, NHL, Hockey, Graig Abel, NHLI, Getty Images

Subban’s always played with an edge to his game. (Photo by Graig Abel/NHLI via Getty Images)

Easily one of the most controversial pieces I’ve ever written, I questioned if there was someone else to blame other than P.K. Subban for his early exit in Game 1 of their first-round series with the Ottawa Senators.

While Subban’s decision to slash Mark Stone was certainly questionable, was there a sell job on the play? Did the refs over react in real-time? While my opinions on this piece won’t always be popular, the questions have to be asked before simply blaming Montreal’s defenceman.  Read more of this post

Twitter in Sports: A Hater’s Haven?

Graig Abel, Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL, Hockey, Joffrey Lupul, Trade

Joffrey Lupul was the victim of some social media trolling during the NHL’s trade deadline. (Graig Abel/NHLI via Getty Images)

Another look at the dark side of social media – especially when it comes to sports – this piece looks at two of the latest incidents on Twitter having to do with the world of sports.

Anonymity might be believable, but Curt Schilling shows the world that nobody is anonymous on social media – tracking down the hecklers that he had to deal with.  Read more of this post

Atlantic Division Rivals: The Original Rivalry

P.K. Subban, Nazem Kadri, NHL, Hockey, Graig Abel, NHLI, Getty Images

The Leafs and Canadiens have had a solid rivalry since the league’s inauguration. (Photo by Graig Abel/NHLI via Getty Images)

Getting back to the Atlantic Division, the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs have had one of the oldest rivalries in the history of the game. From Original Six foes to current day enemies, the Habs and Leafs have had their on-ice battles well-documented. Heading into the 2014-15 season, Montreal hadn’t revamped their lineup all that much, while the Leafs made some significant changes. With a more in-depth look at this season’s matchup, here’s a look at ‘the original rivalry’ in the Atlantic Division.  Read more of this post

NHL Caucus: Conference finals’ most exciting in-game matchups

Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings, NHL, NHL Playoffs, Stanley Cup

Drew Doughty is the main piece on a Kings’ strong defence. (Noah Graham/NHLI via Getty Images)

The little men may have been the most exciting battle in the Eastern Conference Finals. Martin St. Louis – the new guy – has the power of emotion on his side. Playing with his heart on the line he’s going up against Montreal’s Daniel Briere – a man with something to prove.  Read more of this post

Maple Leafs: Three Players That Must Go

Graig Abel, Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL, Hockey, Joffrey Lupul, Trade

Leafs’ forward Joffrey Lupul’s trade value could be at an all-time high this season. (Graig Abel/NHLI via Getty Images)

Timing is everything – especially when we’re talking about trading in sports. Value increases when a player is hot and playing well and as you probably suspected, the value decreases when a player is having a bad year or on the downslope of his career.  Read more of this post

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