Saying Au Revoir to Martin St. Louis

Martin St. Louis, New York Rangers, Seth Wenig, The Associated Press, NHL

Former Ranger, Martin St. Louis, left his mark on the NHL and the game of hockey. (Seth Wenig/The Associated Press)

Breaking the ice for smaller players in the NHL, Martin St. Louis not only showed his ability to play the game but also demonstrated what it means to play with perseverance. Underrated and undersized, he had an unbelievable career.

With his trophy case filled, he left the game a successful NHL star with a spot within the game’s historical archives. But he also opened the doors for many other players approaching the game from his standpoint.

For the full story on his retirement from hockey, check out the link below.  Read more of this post


Week 3: Five Noteworthy Numbers From the NHL Playoffs

Bruce Bennett, Getty Images, New York Rangers

It wasn’t all highlights for the New York Rangers as they took on Washington. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Yes, we’re talking numbers again. And once again it’s those numbers that flew under the radar over the third week of the NHL playoffs. The scoreless minutes. That long period of time where one team didn’t have a shot.

It’s the stats that most people overlook – ones that the average fan wouldn’t even consider looking at without a little expansion on why it happened or how it happened. For the noteworthy numbers from Week 3 of the NHL playoffs, take a look at the link below.  Read more of this post

The Hole in the Hockey Hall of Fame

Theo Fleury, NHL, Hall of Fame, Hockey, Dean Bicknell, Posmedia News

Wherever he went, winning seemed to follow Theoren Fleury. (Dean Bicknell/Posmedia News)

He’s been eligible for more than a few years and still Theo Fleury awaits his day when he’ll be welcomed into hockey’s greatest shrine. While question loom as to whether or not he’ll ever get the call, one thing is for sure. He belongs there.

This piece looks at the hockey career that encompassed the man. The game that gave him an escape. And the game that he’s changed since his retirement.  Read more of this post

2014-15 Game of Numbers Series

Jeff Gross, Getty Images, NHL, Milestones, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf

As leaders on the Ducks, Perry and Getzlaf are among the top when talking about upcoming milestones. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

The 2014-15 Game of Numbers series is an exclusive look at upcoming milestones for each NHL hockey club, brought to you by The Hockey Writers.

The series looks at individual milestones (players within 50 of any 100-mark of games played, goals, assists, points, wins and shutouts), franchise milestones and players among the top 100 in NHL history in the top statistical categories.

For all the updated 2014-15 upcoming milestones, check the links for each team below (all originally published on The Hockey Writers).  Read more of this post

Tape2Tape (006): Daniel Carcillo’s Fatal Flaw

Daniel Carcillo, New York Rangers, NHL, Hockey, New York Times, Barton Silverman

Can Carcillo adapt to a new role in today’s NHL? (Barton Silverman/The New York Times)

Grinders, fighters, and enforcers have seen their roles diminish in the past decade, especially, with the changing of the guard in the NHL. Instead, Commissioner Gary Bettman is working to taking fighting out of the game and replace it with a much faster and more skilled type of hockey.

So for guys like Daniel Carcillo, they’ll have to learn to adapt. Either that, or they will find themselves without a job – extinct from the North American game. This edition of Tape2Tape analyzes Daniel Carcillo’s style of game following his suspension in this year’s NHL playoffs for an altercation with an official.  Read more of this post

NHL Entry Draft: A Decade of Diamonds in the Rough

Joe Pavelski, NHL, San Jose Sharks, NHL Draft, Christian Petersen, Getty Images

Joe Pavelski is one of many ‘diamonds in the rough’ from the past decade. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It’s amazing – you know – the feeling when you find that special little something where nobody would have expected. In many ways, the NHL Entry draft if quite similar to that. Every so often, teams and their scouting staff are able to pull a rabbit out of the hat – or rather pick a prospect in the late rounds who eventually turns into a star.

Enter the diamonds in the rough, players picked in the fourth round or later over the past 10 years of the NHL Draft. From 2003 to 2013, there were many players picked late by teams that had or are having great careers. From Ryan Callahan to Joe Pavelski, here’s a look at the top 10 to be drafted later than the fourth round only to impress in the NHL.  Read more of this post

Stanley Cup Final Caucus: Conn Smythe favourite

Anze Kopitar, NHL Playoffs, Stanley Cup Finals, Los Angeles Kings, Christian Petersen, Getty Images

Anze Kopitar leads the playoffs in points. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Who will it be? Who will earn the title as the NHL playoffs’ most valuable player? That’s what the latest NHL caucus discusses on USA Today. Drew Doughty was a solid favourite among the panel with Anze Kopitar and Henrik Lundqvist also receiving votes.  Read more of this post

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