A How-To Guide To Creating Your Keeper Fantasy League

Gary Bettman, Chris Young, NHL, The Canadian Press

Being Bettman isn’t always easy in a fantasy league. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press)

Ever think of starting your own fantasy league? How about taking it one step further and creating a keeper fantasy league? I mean, it seems to be all the rave nowadays – having a team and building it from year to year.

I’ve been the commissioner of a keeper league for about five years. We’ve grown, expanded and implemented a salary cap. How’s the league going? Well, we’ve lost a few owners, forced a few out and replaced them almost immediately.

For more information on starting your own league and recruitment, check out the link below.  Read more of this post


Tape2Tape (006): Daniel Carcillo’s Fatal Flaw

Daniel Carcillo, New York Rangers, NHL, Hockey, New York Times, Barton Silverman

Can Carcillo adapt to a new role in today’s NHL? (Barton Silverman/The New York Times)

Grinders, fighters, and enforcers have seen their roles diminish in the past decade, especially, with the changing of the guard in the NHL. Instead, Commissioner Gary Bettman is working to taking fighting out of the game and replace it with a much faster and more skilled type of hockey.

So for guys like Daniel Carcillo, they’ll have to learn to adapt. Either that, or they will find themselves without a job – extinct from the North American game. This edition of Tape2Tape analyzes Daniel Carcillo’s style of game following his suspension in this year’s NHL playoffs for an altercation with an official.  Read more of this post

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