How Canada Post Failed Me

Canada Post - a national service - can't even hold themselves responsible.

Canada Post – a national service – can’t even hold themselves responsible.

I want to tell you a story. It’s one where a soon-to-be groom finds out just how much power a national agency has. No, I’m not talking about government or any controlling party in Canada. I’m talking about Canada Post – a national delivery system trusted to provide a country with mail and services.

On December 30, 2015, I placed an order on the site Etsy – a site providing creative and artsy gift ideas for those looking. My goal – to find a good little something for my groomsmen. My wedding is scheduled for February 6, so I knew I had the time for delivery.

I won’t say exactly what I ordered here (in case any my groomsmen decide to read this post). But I ordered seven sets and it came to $74.00 USD (or just over $105 CAD). The expected delivery was somewhere between January 10 and 15.

I tracked the package as I normally do – chalk that up to my minor case of OCD – and on January 13, Canada Post said that my package had been received in London, Ontario and was out for delivery. At 10:07 am EST the package read: ‘Delivered to community mailbox or parcel locker.’

As shown on the Canada Post website.

As shown on the Canada Post website.

Again, thanks to my minor OCD, I checked our mail compartment daily. The only two people who have keys aside from Canada Post were myself and my fiancee. Nothing was there. I waited a day before I took further steps and that’s where my frustration begins. Read more of this post

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