Part 3: Which Left Wingers Make the Cut in a 6-Team NHL?

Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals, Nick Wass, The Associated Press, NHL, Hockey

Alex Ovechkin still sits atop the players list in his position. (Nick Wass/The Associated Press)

A discussion inspired by Leafs Lunch, it’s an interesting topic to bring up the idea of who would make the cut in a six-team NHL. So, six writers from The Hockey Writers took it one step further and drafted these players by position.

In part one we looked at the top 24 centres. In part two we looked at the top 24 right wingers. So, naturally, in part three we’re going to talk about the top left wingers in the NHL that would make the cut if the league were to downsize to six teams.

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Tape2Tape (013) – Reduction and Rivalry: The Keys to Winter Classic Success

Washington Capitals, NHL, Alex Ovechkin, Geoff Burke, USA Today, Winter Classic

Alex Ovechkin was one of the few highlights at the 2014-15 Winter Classic. (Geoff Burke/USA Today)

With some questions surrounding the popularity of the Winter Classic this season, I put together a piece looking at what might have made it a bigger deal for hockey fans across the board.

Reduction is certainly one important aspect, but so is the rivalry in the game. So maybe it’s time to take a second look at the Winter Classic and see if there’s a way to make it more of a showcase and less of a snore-fest.

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Reduction and Rivalry: The Keys to Winter Classic Success – Originally published on The Hockey Writers

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