Tape2Tape (018): Relegation, The NHL’s Problem Solver

Andy Devlin, Getty Images, Edmonton Oilers, Jordan Eberle

Edmonton is facing their fourth first overall pick in six years. (Andy Devlin/Getty Images)

Are you sick of seeing teams fail just to get the first overall pick? Let’s be honest, it makes for some pretty disappoint hockey as we near the end of the season. On top of that, the draft lottery isn’t always successful in pushing team’s not to tank.

So, extreme as it is, what if the NHL introduced relegation to the league? Would that hinder or at least tempt teams to perform better throughout the season? Or would teams still try to find a way to avoid relegation and maintain a high pick in the draft? 

I discussed just that in the latest edition of THW’s Tape2Tape column, at the link below.

Relegation: The NHL’s Problem Solver – Originally published on The Hockey Writers’ Overtime


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