Tape2Tape (008): Will the NHL Ever See a Maximum Contract?

Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning, Mike Carlson, Getty Images

Could Steven Stamkos end up being the first player to receive a max contract. Or will it ever happen? (Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

With the salary cap era in the National Hockey League comes the possibility of a maximum contract. Essentially, players aren’t able to earn in excess of 20% of their team’s upper cap limit from the year they signed the contract in any season that the contract covers. While that might seem somewhat complicated, my Tape2Tape column for The Hockey Writers delves deeper into the issue – including whether or not we’ll ever see a max contract in the NHL. 

For a deeper look into the issue of max contacts, see the story link below.

Tape2Tape: Will the NHL Ever See a Maximum Contract? – Originally published on The Hockey Writers


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