The NHL Combine: Behind the Scenes

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A pan look at the main testing area for prospects at the NHL Combine. (Andrew Forbes/The Hockey Writers)

As part of The Hockey Writers team covering the NHL Entry Draft events, I had the chance to pop into Toronto and take in the NHL Combine and all the prospect excitement as they were thrown through physical hoops in front of NHL team management. While there, I had the chance to chat with many prospects about the ends of their respective seasons, their hopes for next season and how they felt in the time leading up to the combine and the draft. 

During my time at the combine, I talked to Brendan Lemieux, Jared McCann, Robby Fabbri, and more. All excited – and tired – they had a lot to say about the coming weeks in their hockey careers. For the full story, check out what they thought of the NHL Combine and how it affected them physically and mentally in my behind-the-scenes look at the event.

The NHL Combine: Behind the Scenes – Published on The Hockey Writers


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