NHL Caucus: Which second-round playoff series is most intriguing?

Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, Getty Images, Jared Wickerham, P.K. Subban, Brad Marchand

The Subban-Marchand battle is just the beginning of the hatred between Boston and Montreal. (Jared Wickerham // Getty Images)

Part of the great USA Today playoff panel once again, we talked about the best second-round series for fans and media to watch out for. This has been arguably the best playoffs in terms of comebacks and all-around entertainment.

Boston-Montreal. Los Angeles-Anaheim. These are the two series it came down to with the panel. State rivals in California and an Original Six matchup – who’s to say they won’t be equally entertaining. Me? I went with Boston-Montreal. Montreal is the last surviving Canadian team and we all know the hatred existing between Brad Marchand and P.K. Subban. 

But in the end, it’s up to you to decide what series is the most intriguing to you. For more, from me as well as the rest of the panel (Mike Brehm of USA Today Sports, Rick Roos of DobberHockey.com, and Kevin Allen of USA Today Sports), check out the full story below.

NHL Caucus: Which second-round playoff series is most intriguing? – Published on USA Today


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