NHL Caucus: Who faces the most playoff pressure? (USA Today)

Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins, Vincent Pugliese, Getty Images, NHL, Hockey,

Marc-Andre Fleury’s post-season struggles are well-documented. (Vincent Pugliese//Getty Images)

Through my position at The Hockey Writers, I was given the opportunity to be part of a panel on USA Today’s hockey page looking at players entering the NHL playoffs with the most pressure on their shoulders. The panel included opinion and analysis from myself, along with DobberHockey.com‘s Rick Roos and USA Today writers Mike Brehm and Kevin Allen.

Roos’ pick was Semyon Varlamov, while Brehm and Allen picked Martin St. Louis and Marc-Andre Fleury respectively. With St. Louis’ struggles since the trade, he’s someone who I also considered. Fleury has had his well-documented struggles in the post-season and was therefore also on my list. Varlamov, however, wasn’t on my radar until this article was published. 

Me, I went with another recently traded player who’s had his struggles with his new team. However, this could be the year he has a chance to go all the way – but a lot of the weight of his team’s success will fall on his shoulders. For more, check out the full story.

NHL Caucus: Who faces the most playoff pressure? – Published on USA Today


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