Twitter: A Hockey Troll’s Heaven

James Reimer, Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL, Hockey, Twitter, April Reimer, Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press

April Reimer has been the victim of Twitter trolls who are disappointed with her husband’s play this season. (Frank Gunn//The Canadian Press)

Ask yourself – what do April Reimer and Andrew Ladd have in common? The answer might surprise you. While both are somewhat linked to the NHL and hockey, in general, both were also victimized by Twitter trolls. Now, for those of you that don’t know, trolls are simply people who wait and just like to stir the pot on social platform while hiding behind an anonymous username and account.

While Reimer was attacked for her husband’s play with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ladd was attacked by a former CFL player for his decision to miss a Winnipeg Jets’ game in order to be with his family for the birth of their second child – his first daughter. It’s ignorance – the need to voice an opinion that has nothing to do with critical criticism, rather it’s a personal attack. 

For the full story on these Twitter bullies, check out my article.

Twitter: A Hockey Troll’s Heaven – Published on The Hockey Writers


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