Warriors on the Ice: Hockey’s Toughest Talk

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Brian D’Ambrosio writes about the role of the tough guy and fighting in hockey. (Courtesy of Brian D’Ambrosio)

Fighting in hockey – and the role of the ‘tough guy’ – have been brought into question year after year. This season, even more rules were implemented to help protect players from long-term symptoms accompanying injuries from playing this role in hockey.

In Warriors on the Ice: Hockey’s Toughest Talk, author Brian D’Ambrosio, talks to 30 of the games former tough guys. Each reveal their true feelings about the role they played during their career – their injuries, their best and worst memories, and where they are now career-wise and in terms of mental and physical health.

In this quote-driven book, D’Ambrosio re-analyzes the question of whether or not there’s a place in the game of fighting and raises another question – whether or not there will ever be a tough guy with as much of an impact as Bob Probert.

For the full review of D’Ambrosio’s book, check out my story.

Book Review – Warriors on the Ice: Hockey’s Toughest Talk – Published on The Hockey Writers


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