Jonathan Bernier: Among Canada’s Best

Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL, Olympics, Sochi 2014, Team Canada, Jonathan Bernier

Without looking, you’d never realize how Leafs’ goalie Bernier matches up against Team Canada’s goalies. (Jamie Sabau//Getty Images)

It was a comment made during a NHL game following the naming of Team Canada’s Olympic squad that got me thinking. It was stated that the three goalies that Steve Yzerman and his squad took were struggling since the January 7 announcement. So I thought about who would replace the goalies had they not been part of the Olympic team. 

One guy that came to mind was the Toronto Maple Leafs’ tender Jonathan Bernier – who’s led the blue and white to a playoff spot at the Olympic break. Now, sure he’s not the top Canadian goalie – but that’s not the argument. My latest piece for The Hockey Writers, instead, just compares Bernier to his fellow countrymen. And I found it quite interesting how he matches up with the three goalies who will be representing the red and white in Sochi.

For the full statistical comparison, check out the full article.

Team Canada: Bernier Better Than Olympian Goalies – Published on The Hockey Writers


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