Book Review: Between The Pipes by Randi Druzin

Randi Druzin, Between the Pipes, NHL, National Hockey League, Goalies

Between the Pipes, a book by Randi Druzin focusing on 12 legendary NHL goalies.

It’s a book that focuses on 12 legendary National Hockey League goalies – their careers on the ice and their lives away from the game. It opens up their lives showing their quirks, their hobbies, and how their life may have affected their hockey life. 

Greystone Books‘ recent release Between The Pipes shows the human side of the game – the personality of arguably the most interesting position in all of hockey – the goalie. It’s quite interesting and really reveals the ins and outs of the mind of some of the game’s greatest.

A truly interesting piece, Druzin advertises a part of the game that even the biggest of hockey fans have never seen before. For more, check out my review on The Hockey Writers.

Book Review: Between The Pipes by Randi Druzin – Published on The Hockey Writers


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