Nazem Kadri: The Confidence is Back

Nathan Denette, Canadian Press, Nazem Kadri, Toronto Maple Leafs

Playing with more confidence, the top line could be the best cure for Leafs’ Kadri. (Photo by Nathan Denette // Canadian Press)

After a great start last season, Nazem Kadri’s offensive numbers slowed down. This year he had a great preseason, followed by a slow start and it was obvious that the confidence he normally played with just wasn’t there. 

Tyler Bozak was hit with an injury and all of sudden, Kadri’s got a chance to play on the top line for the Toronto Maple Leafs with James van Riemsdyk and Phil Kessel. The result? His confidence has made an appearance and his offensive numbers are on the rise.

He’s shooting the puck. He’s passing better. And the conviction that he plays with could be set to hit an all-time high. This could be a good sign – not only for Kadri as an individual player, but for the Leafs as a whole.

Here’s the full story on Maple Leafs Central.

Nazem Kadri: The Confidence is Back – Published on Maple Leafs Central


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