October 24: In Red Wings’ History

Igor Larionov, Detroit Red Wings, Stanley Cup, Hockey Hall of Fame

Larionov was a big part of the Wings’ offence during their playoff runs. (Photo by Doug MacLellan // HHOF)

With a storied past like the Detroit Red Wings – every day has it’s own story. October 24, for example, was the setting for two trades in Red Wings history. They’re two trades – on the same day – forty years apart. 

The first happened in 1955 between the Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. It saw Metro Prystai make his way back to Detroit for his second stint with the Wings.

The second was in 1995. The Wings brought in former Russian great Igor Larionov to join a movement that included Sergei Fedorov among other Russian players. He was instrumental in changing the view of Russian players in the NHL.

For more, check out my story on The Hockey Writers.

October 24: In Red Wings’ History – Published on The Hockey Writers


2 Responses to October 24: In Red Wings’ History

  1. blocktox says:

    Metro was a fan favourite in Detroit and a really great man.

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