Morgan Rielly Taking Steps to Stay a Maple Leaf

Morgan Rielly, Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL, Hockey

Is Morgan Rielly here to stay? (Photo by Claus Andersen // Getty Images)

He’s young and has a lot of time ahead of him. But is Morgan Rielly there to stay in Toronto this season? Or will he only last nine games before he’s sent back to junior.

Why not the Marlies you might ask? Well, unfortunately, Rielly remains ineligible to join the Marlies because he’s too young. And he doesn’t have much to learn from junior anymore. But maybe playing every day in the WHL would be better than sitting from time to time with the big club. 

With Mark Fraser out now – and expected out for a few weeks – Rielly could be the team’s best bet. But surpassing the nine game plateau would also make it harder for the Toronto Maple Leafs to send him back.

But why not check out my first article with Maple Leafs Central talking about what Rielly is doing to stay a Leafs defender.

Morgan Rielly Taking Steps to Stay A Maple Leaf


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