Neighbours help amputee escape fire

Apartment building

Apartment building where the fire took place.
Photo by Andrew Forbes

During journalism school, we have been given the opportunity to take shifts at the London Free Press.  We have the chance to pitch, follow, and write stories that we either come up with ourselves or are assigned by other members of the newsroom.

I took a shift on the Sunday of Family Day weekend – which I should have known was going to be a quiet news day.  I got to the office, sat down with the only other person in the newsroom at the time and pitched a few ideas – all of which he liked the sounds of.  However, like the lack of news on this Sunday, there was a little to no response to phone calls and emails (another detail I should have thought of being that it was a Sunday of a long weekend).

Finally areound 5 p.m., as I was packing up getting ready to leave, a story was brought to me by one of the two other people in the newsroom.

It was about a couple who had been involved in a fire the previous day.  The fire itself had been covered by other outlets, but the story of the couple had not been talked about.

The hardest part about covering this story was the need to get the picture – asking someone who has just experienced such a dramatic event if I could take their picture was daunting to me.  But a great story did come from it – and it was a story that certainly needed to be told.

Check it out here: London Free Press – Neighbours help amputee escape fire

Thank you to Dale Carruthers of the London Free Press for the assignment and to Patrick Maloney for his contributions.


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