Hoist It High Rick

WARNING: This is an opinion piece.

CBJ Receives – Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon, 2013 1st-round pick
NYR Receives – Rick Nash, Steven Delisle, Conditional 2013 3rd-round pick

Forget about the picks for a second.  And let’s talk about the major players in this trade.

Or even better, let’s discuss whether the Blue Jackets‘ GM got what he wanted – improvment for now and the future.

Scott Howson (CBJ’s GM) here’s what you gave away.

Rick Nash – 547 points in 674 career regular season games; minus-71 in his career over nine seasons in the NHL

Here’s what you got back.

Brandon Dubinsky – 213 points in 393 career regular season games; +24 in his career over six seasons in the NHL
Artem Anisimov – 108 points in 244 career regular season games; +13 in his career over three seasons in the NHL
Tim Erixon – 2 points in 18 career regular season games; minus-2 in those 18 career games in the NHL

And a first-round pick in 2013 which – let’s be honest – will probably be in the bottom ten of the draft.

So Mr. Howson how have you helped the Columbus Blue Jackets?  Instead, the New York Rangers are that much closer to winning a Stanley Cup.

All Rick Nash ever needed was a team that could play around him.  Instead, the team has constantly used their high picks to draft players that have rarely ever played NHL games for them.

Prior to the trade teams were wondering how much it would take to get their hands on Nash.  Well to the other GMs in the league… it didn’t take all that much.

Good luck to Dubinsky, Anisimov and Erixon – hopefully your plus-minus doesn’t suffer.  To Rick Nash?  Hoist that Cup high when you get it.  And enjoy it.


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