Roger’s Centre (Toronto)

Roger's Centre, Panoramic, Toronto

A panoramic of inside the Roger’s Centre. // Photo by Andrew Forbes

Being from Oakville, Ontario – it’s only natural that the Toronto Blue Jays were the first baseball team that I ever had the chance to see play.

Previously known as the SkyDome, the Roger’s Centre is one of only a few dome field in Major League Baseball.

I have always enjoyed the place – lots to do and lots to eat.  Although it doesn’t sell-out often, you can always count on the crowd at hand to start a wave at some point during the game.

For those of you who are interested in making your way down to Toronto to see the Blue Jays at the Roger’s Centre, don’t hesitate to check out all of its amenities including a drummer that always plays outside of the stadium.  The drummer is not under contract with the Blue Jays as far as I know.

Recently, ok well a couple of years ago, I was given the opportunity to sit in Mr. Eugene Levy’s seats situated behind home plate and next to the home dugout.

I was within feet of MLB players – and more specifically my childhood team’s players.

Whatever the case – wherever the seats – I recommend that if you’re interested in seeing all the stadiums of the MLB to check the Roger’s Centre in Toronto.

Wear your favourite team’s gear or get some Jays gear.  However you decide to spend your time at the park – do it at the Roger’s Centre for a weekend.

Location: One Blue Jays Way, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J3
Opened: June 3, 1989
Capacity: 49,282 (for baseball)
Former Name: SkyDome (1989-2005)
Tenants: Toronto Blue Jays (1989-present); Toronto Argonauts (1989-present); Toronto Raptors (1995-1999); Buffalo Bills (2008-present); Toronto FC (2012-present, occasional matches)


10 Responses to Roger’s Centre (Toronto)

  1. Holly Hutchinson says:

    Who is the lady who sits behind home plate at the Roger’s Centre?

    • I’ll be honest… I have no idea. I know Eugene Levy sits to the Jays dugout side in the “In The Action” seats behind the plate… When he makes it to the games.

      • Holly Hutchinson says:

        When googling this I came across a forum asking the very same question. I think we inquiring minds deserve to know, Maybe Zuan Cherry, eerr I mean Gregg Zaun could find out and let us know.

      • I wonder if Zaunny would know? I’d be interested to find out.

  2. theodora1950 says:

    I watch as many games as I can, and she is almost ALWAYS there. Her loyalty impresses me.

  3. Kim Spivak says:

    I need to know, who is she?

    • Kim – Haha, I am right there alongside you as are many others. If I ever figure it out, I’ll be sure to update the post and mention who this supportive fan is.

  4. David GIlnsky says:

    There have been many posts on different sites asking the same question. Why does not someone go and seek her out before the game and ask.

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