Enough Is Enough

On Sunday May 20th, there was yet another incident of fan violence in Los Angeles following a Dodgers game.  It was simply an incident that spiraled out of control… just like it always does.

Do none of us remember the incident following Opening Day at Dodger Stadium in 2011 when San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot outside of the park?  He is still recovering from his injuries and probably never will recover according to those who treated him after he came out of his coma.

Bryan Stow, paramedic was beaten on Opening Day 2011 at Dodger Stadium. Photo from support4bryan.com

And this isn’t the only instance.  Violence at professional sports venues is continuous and ongoing.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m placing any blame on any persons in particular, nor on the use and abuse of alcohol at sports venues.  Everybody enjoys a good beer when you’re watching your favourite sports teams.

But we have to start looking at this kind of issue closer.  Especially when you have situations like the one in San Jose in December of 2011 when a woman in her 40s hit a 16-year-old Canucks fan in the head causing a slight concussion.

What happened to freedom of expression?  So if I’m a Blue Jays fan, should I not wear my Jays gear to Yankee Stadium?  What a way to draw a crowd.

These latest instances have raised questions as to whether or not Dodger Stadium is a family oriented stadium or whether it’s safe for any fans – Dodgers fans included.

For those who like to travel to the different venues, and see the different parks, this is a worrisome part of any trip.  Why shouldn’t we be able to represent our teams without the worry of being beaten up?

It’s an issue that remains – one that Bryan Stow may not have the chance to forget – but it’s one that has to have something done to resolve it.

Otherwise, teams and leagues may see – slowly but surely – a decline in their revenue.


2 Responses to Enough Is Enough

  1. Sandra says:

    Good comments. You already know my feeling on these issues, without me having to explain myself. Definitely an issue that needs to be resolved …. quickly!

  2. It’s important.. Especially when the acts can be so random.

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